Who’s Paula D. Glover?

Just a regular Southern woman doing all the things over-achievers do: biting off more than anyone thinks I can chew – and then doing it.


I’m obsessed with reading…okay, not to the point of needing professional help. But reading is my favorite thing to do when I have a spare moment.

I once heard J.K. Rowling say (not to me personally, but in a TV interview) that if a task could be done one-handed, then she could read while doing it. Dang, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who dries her hair and eats her lunch with a book in hand.

If you’ve got a passion for literature, check out the work and activities of the FCPL Friends & Advocates. I would be pleased to talk your ear off about the way our used book stores support programs at all branches of the Forsyth County Public Library.

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I’m a seriously Type-A marketer and strategist. I can fly at 30,000 feet or get down in the weeds with you. I can consult with you on any marketing problem. And, in the process, you’ll master your fear of – and distaste for -  marketing and selling.

In 2011, I gave up my full-time work in the telecommunications industry to live in Germany. Now I’m putting my experience in consulting with independent ISPs to help them sell services in their local markets to work for small businesses in several industries.

My client roster includes non-profit organizations, educational institutions, real estate agencies, entertainers, and even a dog-training franchise.


It’s important to give back to the community that shaped you. I was fortunate to grow up in pretty small town that offered lots of opportunities to study the Arts and perform on stage. Those opportunities gave me confidence and taught me to think on my feet.

Today, I’m giving back to my community by serving on the Executive Board of the Sawnee Woman’s Club.  I just completed two years of service as 3rd Vice President and fundraising chair. For the 2013-2014 year, I’ll be serving as 1st Vice President and membership chair, so contact me for information on how to become a member and make your community a better place!

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