Bamberg – April 2011

And while we’re checking out our neighbors, we might as well see Bamberg, right?

Turns out some of my maternal grandmother’s family is from Bamberg, so it was neat to feel a little connection with the city. This city felt more welcoming to us than the other places we visited so far. It was small, the shopkeepers and restauranteurs went out of their way to be friendly and there were lots of families out walking around just to enjoy the afternoon.

Bamberg is the city of seven hills. Six of the hills are crowned with churches. The seventh and farthest hill is home to Altenburg Castle. After walking miles (and the first six hills) already, we decided to hike the Fussweg (footpath) to see it. While small, it fit what my imagination tells me a real, working castle would have looked like hundreds of years ago. It even has a real drawbridge!

See the tower WAY in the distance? That's Altenburg Castle.

Anybody home?

This is the historic Rathaus (city hall). It sits on an island in the river and is accessible only by footbridge.

Please don't ask which castle these gardens belong to. I can't pronounce it (yet), and I certainly can't spell it!