Nurnberg – April 2011

We’ll live in Erlangen this summer, but it’s good to know your neighbors so we took a daytrip to Nurnberg.

There’s plenty of history here, but it was cold and we were mostly concerned with the food and the beer. Without really meaning to, we stumbled into the most famous sausage house in the city. Nurnberg-style sausages are wonderful – so much better than what we know as bratwurst in the States.

When you think bratwurst, I bet you think of a hunk of meat that fits on a hoagie or hot dog bun. Nope. The real things are quite small, more like a breakfast sausage. They have a natural, crispy casing on the outside and are juicy, spicy and just dang yummy on the inside. We saw plenty of locals skip waiting for a table and march straight up to the bar to order a few sausages stuffed into a hard roll with mustard. Mmm, mmm, mmm….now that’s good!

And if you let me, I’ll keep blabbing about the food. So, on to a few pics:

Much of the wall surrounding the Aldstadt (old city) was destroyed in WWII, but this part survived and has been preserved.

If you've ever been to Helen in north Georgia, doesn't this look like Paul's Steakhouse to you? Right down to the little deck overlooking the river.

Like any proper German city, Nurnberg has a castle and churches. And they have the prettiest gardens.