How do you “do” content marketing?

Photo: Michael Hilton

Your small business has a story. Your customers have a story about doing business with you or using your products.

How do you tell that story in a way that makes even more customers want to buy from you?

Content Marketing

There is no single right answer to how you should tell your story. It will be different for each stage of your sales cycle. It will be different for certain groups of buyers than others.

So, how can you possibly know which content marketing tactic will be most effective? How do you know if you should be busy writing white papers, case studies, blog posts, top 10 lists, orĀ  making videos, emailing checklists and hosting webinars?

Making the right decisions about content marketing is super easy with the handy infographic below. Re-posted with permission from Eloqua, the grid will help you match your business objective (create awareness, get considered, close the sale) to your prospect’s needs (ranging from the info search, through evaluation to negotiation and purchase).

The Content Grid v2 Eloqua JESS3

Content Marketing Tips

If you’ve used the grid to decide on a few pieces of content that will help move prospects through the sales cycle but are still not sure exactly how to write, illustrate or create it, check out these content marketing resources:

And, if you’re still stumped about what to write or create, contact me and let’s talk it over.