Think Marketing Ecosystem, Not Sales Funnel

The infographic below was first brought to my attention in a MarketingProfs post by Ann Handley. What caught my eye is that it answers some common questions I get from clients that are struggling with why and how to integrate social media and content marketing into the traditional marketing techniques they’re familiar with.

Here are some of the most common questions I get, along with snippets from the infographic:

  • Why can’t we just do a direct mail piece? (Because 44% of it never gets opened.)
  • Why don’t we just run some ads on TV? (Do you use your DVR? Well, so does everyone else – 86% of viewers skip ads.)
  • I already have an email newsletter, so why do I need a blog? (Because American web users spend 2.7 times more time on blogs and social media than email.)
  • Why do I need an inbound marketing strategy? (Because inbound leads cost 62% less.)

Inbound Marketing Ecosystem - Infographic

Created by Volinsky Consulting