Baby Vivi – 12 month stats

Happy Birthday, Vivi!

She’s now 19.5 lbs and 29″, wearing 12-month clothing and size 3 shoes. Vivi is also working on her first two bottom teeth!

Vivi loves to go, go, go. She likes crawling, walking (with help) and going pretty much anywhere. She likes restaurants, malls, libraries, book stores and meetings of the Sawnee Woman’s Club best.

Vivi plays with a bunny during Easter photos (3/10/2013, Amy Jo Photography)

Vivi looks up from her “If I were a pig…” book just long enough to snap this happy pic (4/23/2013)

Vivi reaches for the camera during Easter pictures (3/10/2013, Amy Jo Photography)

Vivi takes a break from playing with Nana (4/26/2013)