Lil’ Piggie Vivi’s Three Months Old

I just love the way word spreads about local businesses. Last month, I heard from my friend Rebekah at Skin Solutions that Cassesse Photography did a great job with pictures of her son. So, being in the market for a good photographer that was close to home (or would come to my home – bonus!), […]

Marketo Explains What Logo Colors Say About Your Business

Cows Make Great Marketers

If you’ve visited any city of size in the South, you’ve probably heard of Chick-fil-A. Their chicken sandwiches are the pinnacle of tasty and quick food, all served by a super-polite staff. They’ve also got some of the best integrated marketing campaigns – all based on the company’s bovine mascots. [View the story “Cows Make […]

Give Customers the Warm Fuzzies

Teddy bears, pre-tossing by scazon, on Flickr

Do you get excited about new customers? Do you just get so excited that someone has expressed an interest in your small business that you can’t contain yourself? No? I had an experience today that gave me the warm fuzzies all over. It made my little marketer’s heart sing to see a big, giant megabank […]

Stealing from Stuttgart

Even in 1948, the Porsche Roadster had a unique shape and identity.

I’ve talked before about how big brands like Heineken have the funds to build shrines to their brand story. Most small businesses don’t have the kind of cash for that, but that’s no excuse not to tell your story. So, steal a few ideas from two more marketing powerhouses and get to work… Porsche – […]