How important is your Twitter bio?


When someone new followed me, I used to look at the bio, the most recent tweets, then check out the website listed in their profile. It seemed like a good way to get to know the folks. This thorough method also helped me get to know the folks I decided to follow back, so they […]

How to Turn Pictures into a YouTube Video


As small businesses, we often lust after what we don’t have or can’t yet afford, right? When it comes to online marketing, we wish we had a flashier website, more Facebook fans, a million Twitter followers, and a rockin’ YouTube channel. But those things take time, effort, cash, and in the case of video, equipment. […]

Brewing a Big Brand: The Heineken Experience

Evolution of the Heineken logo and bottles. The red star and the Heineken lips have always been prominent. The five-pointed star represents the natural elements earth, air, fire and water, along with magic, which the first brewers thought was responsible for creating alcohol in the beer.

When you think of Amsterdam, marketing is not the first thing that comes to mind, right? You probably think Red Light District, legal marijuana and college kids partying themselves stupid. Aside from those things (which are actually on the decline), the city is filled with interesting architecture, a maze of canals, cuisine from every corner […]