Three Things Charities Can Teach Small Businesses

Sawnee Woman's Club

Last night I attended the New Member Orientation for the Sawnee Woman’s Club. Besides being a fabulous opportunity to reconnect with returning members and meet our wonderful incoming members, the event was a prime example of the ways charitable organizations create excitement about their work and get folks involved. Small businesses would do well to […]

Marketo Releases Salary Info for Marketing Pros


Today Jason Miller at Marketo released an infographic of interest to those in the field of marketing, or those considering entering it. Check out the infographic below or click the image to visit the original Marketo post.  

Give Customers the Warm Fuzzies

Teddy bears, pre-tossing by scazon, on Flickr

Do you get excited about new customers? Do you just get so excited that someone has expressed an interest in your small business that you can’t contain yourself? No? I had an experience today that gave me the warm fuzzies all over. It made my little marketer’s heart sing to see a big, giant megabank […]

How do you “do” content marketing?

Photo: Michael Hilton

Your small business has a story. Your customers have a story about doing business with you or using your products. How do you tell that story in a way that makes even more customers want to buy from you? Content Marketing There is no single right answer to how you should tell your story. It […]

Do You Welcome New Followers?

When you get new followers on Twitter, what do you do? Do you hit the delete button and send that pesky notification email right to the Trash? Or do you look at the profile, check the person out, or maybe even follow back? Do you bother to thank them for their time and attention? If […]