How to Be Better Communicator: Part 3 of 3

On Tuesday, we talked about how learning to speak a foreign language can help you hone your communication skills. Yesterday, we talked about listening to others purposefully and being prepared to hear and answer questions or objections. Today, let’s talk about speaking in such a way that others will hear and understand you so that […]

How to Be a Better Communicator: Part 2 of 3

Yesterday we talked about how easy it is to get into a communication rut. When you think you know your audience, or you’re accustomed to using a particular medium, it’s easy to forget to listen, forget to consider your audience and use fluffy language that has no meaning to your audience. I suggested that one […]

How to Be a Better Communicator: Part 1 of 3


As marketers, we like to think we’re pretty good communicators, right? Most of us are wrong. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the day-to-day rush of churning out email campaigns, press releases, tweets, or whatever is the medium of the moment. We forget to listen carefully. We forget to consider our audience. […]