Baby Vivi – 12 month stats

Vivi plays with a bunny during Easter photos (3/10/2013, Amy Jo Photography)

Happy Birthday, Vivi! She’s now 19.5 lbs and 29″, wearing 12-month clothing and size 3 shoes. Vivi is also working on her first two bottom teeth! Vivi loves to go, go, go. She likes crawling, walking (with help) and going pretty much anywhere. She likes restaurants, malls, libraries, book stores and meetings of the Sawnee […]

Lil’ Piggie Vivi’s Three Months Old

I just love the way word spreads about local businesses. Last month, I heard from my friend Rebekah at Skin Solutions that Cassesse Photography did a great job with pictures of her son. So, being in the market for a good photographer that was close to home (or would come to my home – bonus!), […]

Welcome Baby!

Thank you – readers, clients, colleagues, friends and family – for your support and love over the last year. Many of you know that my pregnancy got a little complicated and that I’ve been away from the work I love for quite awhile. Our sweet baby Vivi was delivered via emergency C-section on Good Friday. […]

Stealing from Stuttgart

Even in 1948, the Porsche Roadster had a unique shape and identity.

I’ve talked before about how big brands like Heineken have the funds to build shrines to their brand story. Most small businesses don’t have the kind of cash for that, but that’s no excuse not to tell your story. So, steal a few ideas from two more marketing powerhouses and get to work… Porsche – […]

Brewing a Big Brand: The Heineken Experience

Evolution of the Heineken logo and bottles. The red star and the Heineken lips have always been prominent. The five-pointed star represents the natural elements earth, air, fire and water, along with magic, which the first brewers thought was responsible for creating alcohol in the beer.

When you think of Amsterdam, marketing is not the first thing that comes to mind, right? You probably think Red Light District, legal marijuana and college kids partying themselves stupid. Aside from those things (which are actually on the decline), the city is filled with interesting architecture, a maze of canals, cuisine from every corner […]