Trier & Wehlen – June 2011

Porta Nigra, Trier, Germany

Now that we live so close to the German wine country (my American friends refer to it lovingly as “The Wine-land” instead of the Rhineland), we’ve got to visit, right? We took a drive to Trier on Saturday morning. Trier is one of the oldest Roman cities in Germany. We visited the Porta Nigra, an […]

Bamberg – April 2011

See the tower WAY in the distance? That's Altenburg Castle.

And while we’re checking out our neighbors, we might as well see Bamberg, right? Turns out some of my maternal grandmother’s family is from Bamberg, so it was neat to feel a little connection with the city. This city felt more welcoming to us than the other places we visited so far. It was small, […]

Nurnberg – April 2011

Much of the wall surrounding the Aldstadt (old city) was destroyed in WWII, but this part survived and has been preserved.

We’ll live in Erlangen this summer, but it’s good to know your neighbors so we took a daytrip to Nurnberg. There’s plenty of history here, but it was cold and we were mostly concerned with the food and the beer. Without really meaning to, we stumbled into the most famous sausage house in the city. […]

Erlangen – April 2011

The plaza in front of Erlangen Castle is filled with fruit, veggie and flower vendors.

Home sweet home…at least for awhile. This summer my husband is working in Erlangen. So, I’m giving up my regular work in the telecom industry, ramping up my consulting business and going with him. Erlangen is the former headquarters of Siemens AG and so many of the company’s divisions are still based here. It’s a […]

Munich – April 2011

Entering BMW World

We spent a few weeks in the spring getting familiar with our home away from home. We landed in Munich and drove to Erlangen on the Autobahn. Yes, in some parts there is no speed limit. Yes, on those parts my husband, Jeff, demonstrated his lead-foot tendencies. But what surprised me about the 2-hour drive […]